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I'm Narcis Sauleda, founder of Pixel and ink

About Pixel and ink

“Pixel and ink believe that branding delivers significant business impact, so when I needed support with branding and the creation of brand collateral, I went to them and wasn’t disappointed. They were responsive and focused in practice, but most importantly the creative perspective helped push my own strategic thinking further.”

Ben Cheston
Growing Wild

“Narcis is a joy to work with. His creative and design skills are second to none, but it is also his ability to see the bigger picture and contribute more widely to projects that makes him invaluable. He’s delivered excellent graphic and digital content for us, including websites, brochures, presentation design and social media imagery. Narcis delivers everything on time, with a flexible approach to suit our clients and us.”

Emma Flack

Narcis is a gifted and reliable designer, able to bring all sorts of content to life in a creative way. His designs jump out of the screen and get noticed. His work is always high quality and I’d happily recommend him.

Elliot Frankal

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The Trampery on the Gantry
1 Waterden Rd, Studio 11,
Here East, London E15 2HB

Stratford and Hackney Wick
388 / Free bus from Stratford