About Pixel + ink

London based brand agency with the passion to help businesses and the ambition to save the planet.

Born in Barcelona made in London

My Name is Narcis Sauleda, and I am the founder of Pixel and ink, a friendly one-man-band agency that helps businesses to look sexy and professional through branding, print and digital design.

My office is in London, but I work with small businesses, medium companies and the big boys worldwide. My skill set is broad, which helps a consistent and branded look throughout all the business assets. My most robust skills are art direction, brand and logo design, digital design, including websites, interactive and print design.

I believe that relationships between client and business have to be person to person. That's why I always offer personalised solutions to specific problems.

Building human brands with honest design
I care about you project as if it was mine
I feel so lucky to work on what I love
I believe business should be good for people and the planet

Behind the Pixel and ink’s name

A modern brand today has to look awesome in the digital but also needs to keep cool in print.

That’s how my good friend Gary and I came up with the name while having a brainstorming session and a burger in Victoria. Pixel is the smallest part of a digital image, it also refers to exactitude (pixel perfect), AND designed as a plus symbol represents the adding value and positivism, and ink..., of course, you’ve guessed it, explains the print and creativity.

Three places that made me who I am


I was born and grew up in Sant Pol de Mar


A lot of my youth and studies happened in Barcelona


I lived in London for over a decade. It's the place I call home.

My 3 best bits of contribution to the world in 2018

Giving 1% of my earnings to a cause. This Christmas my one per cent goes to Proactiva Open Arms.

Implementation of recycling waste in the Canal Studios, the coworking where I'm based. Thanks First mile!

I Carry a Homeless Survival kit most days to give away.