Business consultation

Lost in branding? Need some business guidance?

We can't be good at everything! And that's why you and I are in business. To help people! We offer these consultations because sometimes you just have one little problem to solve or a few questions to ask. We are going to look at your business on a microscope and analyse what works what needs improvement and what needs change. It's one-hour-long, and at the end of the session, you get a report of what we've talked about and of course, you get to ask questions afterwards.

How do they work?

After your booking, I will send you an email with questions so that I can understand your brand and I can see all your brand assets (website, social media, advertisement...). On the date and hours agreed we'll sit in front of our computers and we'll start our session. The session runs for an hour (don't worry I won't hang up on the dot...). After the meeting, you will receive a report including all that we've talked about, and of course, you can reach me at any time if you have questions that you need to clarify.

This is how these sessions look like:


Homework. As soon as you book your session, we will ask some questions about your business, nothing too tricky, just who is your ideal customer and examples of your current business situation (web, social, flyers...). Also, any specific questions you'd like us to look at.

During the session

(Note that each session is bespoke to each person)

  • We'll talk about your customers and your current brand situation. To understand the challenges that you are facing.
  • I will run you through business analysis. For example, we will discuss the brand or your business model. We will check that they are appropriate for your customer and not putting them off. We are going to look at your website, ensuring the message, the structure and brand are consistent and coherent with the business.
  • We'll go through the problems identified and put a solution to each of them. If the answer isn't suitable (e.g. there isn't a budget for it), we can discuss and find an alternative.
  • We then can agree what the best next steps for your business are.

After the session

You will get a report with the points touch during the meeting, and of course, you can ask questions to clarify.



    Let us know which areas of your business you would like to book a consultancy for. Choose as many as you want.
  • Give us a little bit of background of what are the challenges you are facing or what questions you'd like us to tailor the consultancy