From the freelance distance: don’t hate your job, change your mindset

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We all have one or two friends that hate their jobs (or their managers). I see this often when I freelance to companies. My position is quite privileged because I don’t tend to get involved in business politics and I can see things from the distance and another perspective.

If you hate your job it’s not something that only affects you but also can effect the business and your colleagues. The negativity that you speak about and sometimes you may act can make you unprofessional and affect your self-esteem.

From my point of view there are three things one can do to change their situation:

1 • Quit!

I know this is pretty radical. But if you hate your job, for whatever reason, you either move on or find a way to like it. Also, your mood will change when you are getting your CV ready and job interviews.

2 • Change your mindset or the job

If you hate your job, you can quit, as I said above or find a way to like it. You can change whatever bothers. For example, if the problem is management try to speak to them and see if you can sort the problem out or maybe moving departments.

3 • Start a side business

Starting a side business is exciting. Similar to get your CV ready your mood will change. Starting a new business will also keep your mind occupied.

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