Weekend reading

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We’ve read really good stuff this week and, of course, we like to share it!
(Share with us anything you have learned this week, just post it in the comments below).

Blog posts

Writing killer headlines for your web content and Sharpen your copywriting skills: 125 quick tips
When the design of a website comes with awesome content and killer headlines… you are ready to rock and roll!

10 inspirational quotes to help you launch your business idea
Cute article with inspirational quotes that will make you get up and start doing things.

5 things to do after your post goes live
You have put lots of effort and care writing your content, you’ve posted it and now what? Here are 5 steps you should take to make the most of your efforts.

7 simple hacks to kickstart a productive day
Some of these are very obvious but sometimes a reminder is necessary because live gets in the way and we forget our wellbeing.


The busy business owners step by step guide to internet marketing
This is a short comprehensive read with some tips on how to promote your business online. Like most of these free e-books, you have to register for their newsletter.


Happy reading!

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