Why a purpose-driven brand, and my now?

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We live in a world that has to awaken to many things. Sustainability and ethics are essential to the consumer, as we all realise that we can’t continue the way we do things. To add to this our new consumers, the millennials are the ones who are changing the way things need doing. That’s why we need to become purpose-driven brands. Need more answers to why?

People pay more for sustainability

We have become more knowledgeable about what is happening in our plane. The Attenborough effect or Greta Thunberg have made us aware of the limited time we have to solve the planet problems. But we are also becoming more and more human when we shop. Ethic brands that don’t abuse the developing countries laws to create cheap goods. The Zero km food movement is raising, as we realise that it’s unsustainable to eat oranges from the other side of the hemisphere when we can get some at the right time if the year. We are all becoming less-meat eaters and when we do so we pay the extra money for free range. Two third of the consumers say they are committed to paying more for sustainable brands.

Attracting the right customers

When your brand is purpose-driven you already attracting the right customer. A customer that will understand your pricing and will have the will to pay the price for what you do. So you have a higher chance to be found by your potential customer, meaning that you will have to do less work to find them.

Loyalty increases for purpose-driven brands

Your customers will stay with you because someone who is purpose-driven in life means that they are committed to a cause. This can just translate to loyalty.

Loyalty means recommendations

Your customers will be loyal, this also means that they are going to recommend you to their friends and families.

You will change the world

When you have a purpose you are committed to change and challenge how things are done so you will be educating the people around you and your customers to become better people. This can only translate to a better world.

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