Yes, you can! Maybe you don’t want

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Sunday 19 May I rerun the Hackney Half Marathon. This year I managed to sign up around ten new people who have never done it before, a lot of them they when from couch to half marathon in 5 months (remarkable). After doing this, a lot of people felt inspired and told me “you are amazing!”. I said that “I’m nothing special, I consider myself a very average person, and if I can do it, anyone can”. Their answer is usually “No, I can’t”. My reply: “Yes, you can! Maybe you don’t want it.”

Some time ago now, I share a house with a girl that was always saying “I want to lose weight!”. The conversations always similar to this:

– I feel fat, I need to lose weight but I can’t! – She’d start.

– Why don’t you try running? – I’d suggest – I find that it’s the most effective way to burn calories.

– I can’t run, my knees, I’m too heavy, not built for run!

– How about swimming?

– Oh no! My hair gets frizzy – She would excuse herself.

– Swimming cap?

– No it doesn’t work.

We’d go on for a while till I can be arsed to give more solutions, and then tell her: “You know? I think you don’t really want to lose weight because otherwise, you would do something about it”

She’d look and then start another conversation: “I hate my job”.

We put excuses for a lot of things that we don’t want to do, even for something we think we want to do. Here are some reasons I hear, I also use sometimes and how I battle them.

I can’t – I can but I need to make the effort

If you say you can’t you are just saying to yourself that you don’t want to put the effort for this. You have to understand if it’s just not a priority or laziness. I am a believer that there is alway a way.

I’ll try – I’m going to

So many times I say, or I hear I will try, I think translation is if I can be arsed. Just remember than try is not only think about it is actually doing something about it.

I haven’t got time – I will find time

I’m sure you have time for Netflix or Instagram. Time is something that you have to find when it is for a chore. I run mostly in the mornings or lunchtime because I know it is likely that a better plan will pop by in the evening.

So next time you want to do something make sure you remember to substitute your excuses for reasons to do it.


  1. Totally agree!! I wake up at 06:00 to do my running!!

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